News & Events

3 September, 2018

Mason Up-gradation Program – Abdasan

Mason Training conducted at Abdasan Village, in Idar Tehsil, Sabarkantha District of Gujarat State from March 14 to 16, 2018. A total of 25 masons of varying experience participated. Most interestingly they had given the advance deposit for training even without having to conduct a meeting in their village. This was an excellent indicator of their eagerness to attend the training. The participants were enthusiastic, positive, and experienced. After the training they encouraged artisans from nearby village to commit for a training program.

3 September, 2018

Bar-bender Up-gradation Program – Mahadevpura

Bar-bender Training conducted at Mahadevpura (Bhathikhatri) Village, in Himmatngar Tehsil, Sabarkantha District of Gujarat State from January 07 to 09, 2018. A total of 14 artisans of varying experience participated. The most noteworthy thing that needs to be mentioned was that Kesari Singh, a senior bar-bender who was the principal artisan at whose behest the program could be conducted had to go to his field for watering in all three nights during the training program. Anyone else would have postponed the training or had skipped the training. But the training went on and he participated in all three days.

3 September, 2018

23rd Building Artisan Certificate Awarding Program

On March 9th we had our latest event in which 190 building artisans, mainly masons, including 32 barbenders, were given certificates for successfully participating in our 3 day Skill & Knowhow Up‐gradation Workshops. In the workshops they were assessed in detail, and based on that grades were assigned to each one of them. The certificate displays this grade. Certificate is in English and Gujarati, and is issued along with an Excel Mark‐sheet that shows how the individual has performed in various topics. It was a moment of joy and satisfaction for the artisans as well as NCPDP team.
This time with our  good fortune we had three very special guests. Shri Harineshbhai Pandya, Director of Janpath, a Ahmedabad based federation of NGOs, Shri Soni, Chief Consultant to Construction Labor Welfare Board of Gujarat State, and Shri Dipakbhai Chauhan, Principal coordinator of D.N.Polytechnic were the special guests.