This is an important activity of the organization since working with artisans, communities and even engineers involver communication of new ideas. It is necessary that these ideas are conveyed effectively, directly on one-on-one basis or on mass scale. This calls for the making of communication materials of different kinds. It is in print media or in video.

Print Media

One of the concerns in designing the communication material is the cost and the scale. There are several items that were originally made in single color (B&W), primarily to reduce the cost. Since these items were needed in lakhs this made a huge difference in total cost. In post disaster situation such IEC materials meant for mass distribution should be as economical as possible.

  • Many of these B&W items were printed on different color papers simply to differentiate them from each other because of different topics addressed by each one of them, for greater clarity of the readers and users.
  • Some B&W posters had high-lighted areas with different colors to clearly distinguish them from the others, such as to ensure distinction between those for repairs, those for retrofitting, and those for new construction.

The printed materials could be divided in two major categories.

  • For pre-disaster situation, or the normal times.
  • For post disaster situation

The printed materials made by us could be divided in to two principal classes as below, and the respective lists may be accessed by clicking on following titles.

Video Media

Just as in print media, the budget has a major impact on the type of video one would make. There is no need that the video has to be big budget production. One could put together a simple but very effective video on a computer by creating a storyline and placing appropriate visuals or photographs. Alternatively, one could shoot using ordinary camera, and use one or the other software to put together and edit all the clips to a story line. Finally one could hire an experienced director and video crew, and shoot a big budget video.

  • There are several videos on area specific retrofitting and new construction that we have made in different languages following the traditional practices. Videos are most effective in spreading awareness. Shock table videos are very effective in building peoples’ confidence in building technology. Simple videos based on photographs or slides arranged in proper sequence are very cheap and very effective in conveying ideas to people.
  • Street plays are very effective in creating awareness. But they cannot be performed again and again. Videos of such plays are easy medium that can be shown again and again and without the presence of the whole troop of performers.
  • Videos made after Latur earthquake have historic importance since that was the first disaster with rather comprehensive rehabilitation program. The videos raise issues that commonly arise after every disaster.

The video too could be divided in two major categories.

  • For pre-disaster situation, or the normal times.
  • For post disaster situation

The video list may be accessed by clicking on Video.